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So, on day 3 and 4 of our London trip, we visited the Emirates Stadium and St. Paul's CathedralThe last part (part 6) will be about day 4 and 5-- when we used our London Pass cards to enter/use the attractions/tours in London. So, stay tune to that.

Read the previous parts if you haven't: 

Day 3 started out rough due to some complications. I'll skip that part because you gotta leave the bad memories behind, right? In the afternoon, we made our to Holloway Road Station using the bus. It was match day and the road was quite crowded with people who were also making their way to the stadium. Arsenal vs. Stock City was happening on that day and my brother was going to watch the match! Truly a dream come true for him because he's a hardcore Arsenal fan #GUNNERS

Upon arriving the bus station, we had to walk quite a long distance to finally reach the stadium. Along the way, you can find few people shouting "match day ticketssss" and a lot of people selling merchandises. Once I can see the stadium for afar, it gave me goosebumps all over again because I've only seen that famous stadium in the television. Despite not being the biggest football fan, I was still on cloud nine. Got up the stairs towards the stadium and finally there I was.. standing in front of that world-class football stadium.

just like me when I saw the stadium, hahaha.
happiest one among the four of us, no doubt πŸ˜‚
I look like a hardcore fan too, no? hahahah
one with the #LondonSquad2K16
The match was starting soon and so, my brother went in. Lucky him getting to fulfill one of his lifelong wish. #Goalsssssssssss. And his team won 3-1!!

The rest of us went around the area in search for things to do while waiting for the match to end. We went for lunch at a diner nearby. Had fried chickens, pies and burgers. Then we shopped for £1 items in Poundland and then we went around and entered shops nearby the Holloway Nags Head bus station. We just stayed at that area to wait for my brother. But, why there? Because there was free WiFi! Hiks. Soon later, my brother arrived after getting lost, hahaha.

At night, we met up with my cousin and her family, which I've told in Part 4! Click ↠ HERE ↞ to read all about it. That was the end of our third day in London.

Next up, day 4! Day 4 was the day when we started using our London Pass. The first thing we used it for was the Hop On-Hop Off bus (more details on the London Pass will be included in Part 6). We got on the bus and got off at St. Paul's Cathedral. It was indeed a beauty.

All about the cathedral can be studied from We didn't went in because there were still many places to visit. The outside of the cathedral was very glorious with impressively beautiful architectures, and inside is probably more than that. The sky was also filled with airplanes going to different directions which was truly an incredible sight.

We then proceed to our next location.. which will be told in part 6, the last part of this travel series!! Annnd, that's all for Part 5!

sidenote; After this travel series is done, there will be a new one next! Wiihiii.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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  1. Brandon L.12/1/17 8:20 pm

    It's my dream to visit the stadium, man! Youre damn lucky! Loving your London story, keep it up!