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I've been busy with Summer School these past few weeks (a lot of procrastination included). And wow, it's February already. So without postponing it again, here it is, the last round for this London travel series! I've been delaying this one for so long, but better late than never I guess. Slow and steady is the way to go. Annnd, I got another new one right after this.

        So, this post will be about the amazing London Pass. We purchased the London Pass cards from the Travel Information Centre in London Heathrow Airport. We chose the 2-days package and with it, we have 2 consecutive days to use it. It costed us  £77 for each of the card. There are other day packages you can choose from. It is expensive (when you choose to compare it with MYR), so it is worth it? We'll see about that later. We decided to use the cards on our forth and fifth day in London. 

💡 A bit of info about The London Pass

It allows visitors to enter/use the many attractions and tours in London with no further charges. You no longer have to pay for the entrance fees when you get to the famous landmarks of your choice. All the attractions and tours that you can choose from are listed in the London Pass book and pamphlet (which I left in London). 

Buy the card, and wallaaa, you can get into famous places such as Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Emirates Stadium, Royal Albert Hall, & many more. Just show your card at the gate, they'll scan it and you're in!

 I would totally recommend this card to anyone who plans to go to London, especially the ones who are not staying in London for too long. It's a good way to get the best out of London in a short period of time. To know more, you can refer to

Details on what we used the London Pass for (on Day 4) are as below, included are the actual fees without the London Pass:
         ---------------------------------------------------------------Total: £88.50

As for Day 5:
    ---------------------------------------------------------------Total: £52.00


It's actually a pity that we didn't get to visit more places especially on day 5. We actually planned to go for The London Bridge Experience & Tombs (£19.95/adult) and Thames River Cruise (£18/adult) as well but we didn't have the time to do so. Too much time was consumed at some places and we even got lost at times. But, I got to go to places that I'd never even dreamed of seeing.

So... the question remains... is the London Pass really worth your money?

In my opinion, it really is! We paid only £77 for the card. £140.50 - £77 = £63.50! We saved that much money! Although the entrance fees are subjected to changes (student price, peak/off peak price, etc), yet I believe using the London Pass is the best way to save the most amount of money. We can actually use the 2-days London Pass to enter more attractions up to £205 (as written on the card) but again, time wasn't cooperating with us. It's one of the moment when you wish a day would have more than 24 hours. Nevertheless, the London Pass is totally the card that made visiting many places possible. I would totally 100% recommend this card to anyone who plans to visit London!

Now, for some pictures!

🚩 The Monument ❗❗
built in 1677, this landmark commemorates the Great Fire of London and the journey to the top takes 311 shallow and spiral steps, so this is really not for the faint-hearted. the view from the top is incredible! 

🚩 Tower of London ❗❗
this 900-year-old castle and fortress located in central London is notable for housing the crown jewels and  a lot of historic artifacts. it also served many other purposes, including barracks, armory, prison and museum. it is an amazing must-visit location!

🚩 Tower Bridge ❗❗
this bridge is often mistaken as the London bridge, haha. it is one iconic structure that is always featured in tourists' pictures. you get to see a spectacular view of the city from the inside. other attractions includes the glass floor, modern exhibitions and the Victorian engine rooms!

🚩 HMS Belfast ❗❗
this is a museum ship on the River Thames. we can experience what life was like aboard this floating city as we weave our way through the bowels of the ship and climb up and down ladders across all 9 decks. an interesting experience indeed. and the view from this ship is remarkable too! 

🚩 Queens Ice & Bowl ❗❗

at night, we made our way to Bayswaters and head to Queens Ice & Bowl because it was open til 11 p.m. it has a huge indoor ice rink, 12 bowling lanes and plenty of retro arcade machines. with the London pass, we get to choose whether to do ice skating or bowling. We chose to ice skate because it's something different and new to us. it was indeed a fun and funny (and a bit painful too; i fell on the ice.. butt first!) experience.

expectation - wow i can skate pretty well! :

reality- nope. :

🚩 Westminster Abbey ❗❗
this is where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married! it is indeed one of the world's great churches, with a history stretching back over a thousand years. this amazing gothic abbey church truly catches my attention throughout the entire audio guided tour. you gotta experience it yourself and feast yourself with it's amazing structures and histories. pictures are not allowed to be taken inside, btw.

🚩 Royal Albert Hall ❗❗

we got on a Hop on Hop off bus towards South Kensington and stopped nearby this famous concert hall! i didn't know that we'll be going here and i was probably the happiest. I AM A HUGE ADELE FAN and Royal Albert Hall reminds me so much of her! (i watched the concert DVD many times). many other icons had performed here too- from The Beatles and Bee Gees to One Direction and Coldplay!! this concert hall has a capacity up to 5,272 seats and different kind of events are held in this hall. believe it or not, even tennis and wrestling matches were held here!

🚩 Chelsea FC Stadium Tour and Museum ❗❗
our last stop with the London Pass needs no long explanation..Stamford Bridge stadium, the home ground of Chelsea F.C.! we spent few hours here going around the whole stadium and it was indeed an experience that i will never forget despite not being the biggest football fan. it would be even more amazing if we had bumped into a football player, haha!

 After visiting Stamford Bridge, we went back to our hostel and packed our bags because we were flying back to KL on the next morning, huhuhu. And yes.. that's the end of this travel series! It has been the best and most memorable thing to had ever happen to me. I am truly BLESSED. Make sure to read from Part 1 if you haven't. Here are the previous parts:

To end, I want to once again say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Golden Screen Cinemas and Malaysia Airlines for this golden opportunity! Here's to winning more trips! 🌎

sidenote; Next travel series is gonna be up by next week!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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