EXPLORING SINGAPORE (in 48 hrs.) #photolog

2:29 pm

Hey! What's good?

I said I'd blogged this weeks ago, so I apologized for the major delay. A new semester starts in a few days, so I'm sorta..excited? (dying inside). The month flew by so quickly. Oh, I received a few emails in regards to my previous trip to London and I was happy to reply each and every one, so keep em' coming. hahaha. Read those blog posts if you have not!

So, I went to Singapore for the second time. First time was back in 2015-- sponsored by hitzfm to catch CharliXCX live. Incredible experience it truly was. I went there again for the second time and this time was for a short family getaway. All in all, it wasn't completely stress-free but a great and memorable one, nonetheless. As soon as we arrived at Changi International Airport, we purchased our travel essentials, including MRT cards and tour tickets. We then proceed to our hotel via the MRT service. It's totally a super efficient way to go around Singapore. I won't keep this post long, so here.. enjoy my Singapore photolog.

So, what went down in Lion City? 

🤜 first day

🤜 second day

   Singapore was great but we didn't get to see more of it. It rained too, so it was not really fun going around the city by foot. One thing for sure.. I'll come back for Universal Studios Singapore, Jurong Bird Park and the many other attractions next time. Til then, this is the end this photolog. Feel free to drop any comments/emails for any questions!

sidenote; I will share another online contest win next! Stay tune. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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