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Sunday, September 11, 2016


Breathe in, breathe out.

I’m kinda second guessing myself right now, but here goes nothing. 

So, I’m baaaaaack. Not that anyone actually still remembers me *sobs

I was once a very dedicated blogger that actually had potential to go far. That.. sounded really self-centered, but whateva. Angkat bakul sendiri cos kalau bukan kita yang puji diri sendiri, who else will?

To (re)start this blog, I would like to give an insight of what’s happening life right now.
So, currently I am a first year, first sem degree student. I completed my foundation studies few months back and I had only 2 weeks break after my last paper. Pejam celik pejam celik, degree life is here! Buuhuu.

Oh, thank God that I survived my foundation year! Wasn’t completely with flying colours, but I passed nonetheless. Seriously, I almost had a mental break down during my last paper, but here I am in degree already. Despite the difficulties that I faced before starting my uni life, I am proud to see how far I’ve gone. A long story about my pre-uni life; probably will blog about it...or probably will not. But I belive that I'm better than the person I was before.

 Ceh. Baru start degree.

The course that I am currently in is Bachelor in Science – Applied Geology. I am a student of Curtin University- not the one in Australia, but the one in my very own hometown.. Miri, Sarawak. Bro tak mampu nak belajar jauh-jauh. Just to put it out there.. I am actually aided by a scholarship. If anyone who’s interested in knowing about the scholarship, feel free to contact me!

Errr.. I think I am coping quite well with all the university stuffs happening right now. But, September is gon’ be a buzy month. Reports, posters, presentations, etc. I know I’ll survive though cos' #brotabah.

I hope I can at the very least update this blog once in two weeks. Fuh kiri, fuh kanan. Laziness main jauh-jauh please. Yeah, it was actually due to major lethargy that made me stopped typing sh*t* stuffs up on my blog. If you’d knew me since years ago, you would know that I’ve been an avid blogger since primary school. Before this, I’ve even set targets for myself and actually had quite a reputation in blogging. I should stop bragging too much. Geli. Ew.

Plus, it’s actually different now. Before, I had quite a number of active blogger friends. I think life commitments has made them abandon their blogs. Or maybe, blogging just isn’t the thaaang anymore these days as it was before? *long sigh.

Nonetheless, I’ll just do what I want because the reason why I’m doing this is so that my 70-year-old future self would thank himself sebab rajin nak update his life events in a blog. In the future, I can just show my blog to all my cucu-cucu & cicit-cicit, then they can see the things I've done in life and somehow inspire them. Haha. what am I even kidding? But, really though. That’s my long-term objective. Fighting! (korean influence much)

Blog posts would focus on what’s happening with life, which includes my winnings off the internet and maybe some travel updates. And maybe v-logs are included, or even song covers? We’ll see. It really depends on how serious I will treat this ‘passion’.

To wrap up this first post, I once again hope that I can bring back the dead blogger spirit back to life and be able to blog my heart out more often. Annnd, this blog is still undergoing a template change, so do stay tune.


onelasttime: Big trip coming up in December! A dream come true- really. Can’t wait.