#JoelWins 🎁 [1] - Prizes from DutchLadyMY & Pocky MY

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Hey, what's good?

Starting this year, I strive to blog more on the prizes I've won from joining online/offline contests. I think it's a good way to show my appreciation to the companies who generously give prizes to the consumers, just like yours truly. 

The prizes are of high cost and I wouldn't even consider purchasing them myself. Okay, maybe some of them may not be as expensive, but daym, winning any contest brings happiness, so that's already something huge. Happiness matters, y'know. So, I personally want to show my gratitude to the companies for bringing happiness in my life by blogging! 😁 Oh, winnings will only be blogged about after I've received the prizes, so that y'all know it's legit. hahaha.

As for the readers.. I might also blog on tips in regards to joining online contests, so stick around to my blog. Hiok hiok. But one thing for sure.. in joining contests, it takes effort and disappointments are inescapable. Menang kalah adat pertandingan.

       Ok, time for the first round of #JoelWins

Last year I participated in a photo contest by Pocky Malaysia and a video contest by Dutch Lady Malaysia (@DutchLadyMY on Instagram). I was one the lucky winners for the contests! 

I participated in the Pocky Day 11.11 Smile Contest held by Pocky MY (facebook.com/pockymalaysia) and there were 111 prizes up for grab!

PockyMY Facebook Page
Easy and fun contests with many prizes up for grab! | source: PockyMY Facebook Page
11 winners gets a year-long supply of Pocky (ok wow) and the other 100 gets a RM150 worth of hamper. I was one of the 100 and I just recently received the prizes!

that's an excited and smelly (belum mandi) human being with his prizes.
I forced my grandma to pose for a picture with me for this contest, and as you can see, it was rewarding. Hihi. From this contest, I got 8 boxes of Pocky (chocolate and mango flavored), 2 cute mugs and a RM100 preloaded Starbucks card! I have always been a Pocky fan, but this was my first time trying the Mango-flavored one. It was super good, I'm obsessed! Thank you so much, Pocky Malaysia!

         Next, I participated in the #SyokChoc video contest by DutchLadyMY on Instagram way back in September 2016. I found out about the contest and quickly started doing the video. I didn't put high hopes in this one but to my surprise, I was one of the grand prize winner!  

The prize arrived to my address when I was away in London last December.

It was an iPod Shuffle! 
 Yay, another addition to my Apple collections! I've not tried using it yet, but I'm eager to do so soon. This is one great tiny device to accompany me while I go on a road trip or a jog in the park. So, thank you very much, DutchLady MY! 

Here's to more winning in 2017! 😊

sidenote; More prizes are on the way to my address! Wiihiiii.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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  1. Yay! I've never joined video contest as I am not good at it. Well done, dude.