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Had one of the greatest day of my life on my first day in London and here's the continual to it! Despite the fact that our room was super duper small, I had a good night sleep every night. Probably cos' I got real tired everyday. Plus, the weather wasn't causing me problems to sleep because it wasn't extremely cold. The temperature was around 6-15℃. Cold (well, atleast for me) but bearable.

Woke up the next morning on my bed and I was feeling excited to get the day started. But first, breakfast! We brought Maggi, Gardenia bread and canned food all the way from Malaysia #Jimat. We also bought cup noodles and other cheap items from the convenient store close by #JimatTimesTwo

we had a quiet neighbourhood as a view. loved it. 💓
We showered and got ready. We then went downstairs to the lobby and stayed there for a short while to use the free WiFi because it was only available there. There were a lot of tourists from different parts of the world there with their eyes stuck on their phone screens. After that, we went out to the bus stop. Truth be told, we didn't have any proper plans for the day, so we just went with where destiny would bring us, loooolll.

We quickly went up to the upper deck of the bus and the front seats were empty. Yay!

recorded the journey with my HTC RE Camera but sadly the camera malfunctioned recently 😔
we always find our way to places by referring to the maps at the bus stops
We stopped at the bus stop nearby the King's Cross Station and made our way to a very iconic location nearby. Platform 9¾!! If you're a Potterhead, this is really the place go. The location can be quickly identified with a huge crowd queuing up to take photos at the location where a trolley can be seen disappearing into a wall, "entering the magical realm". We didn't feel like queuing up (memang sah pemalasss) so we didn't bother joining the long queue (which I kinda regret now). The Harry Potter Shop is just beside the platform. They sell many cool items from the Harry Potter series and also Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them there. 
tak ambil gambar, kita ambil gambar orang, hahaha. and this one got a lot
of attention because he's a good-looking kid 😎😂 #ModelMaterial
forgive my expression here but here's a selfie infront of the shop with my #London2K16 squad 😅😆
Didn't know why we didn't take many picture there, haihh. So, let's proceed to............ just next door-- the St. Pancras International. It was a sight to behold because this gothic architecture is indeed a beauty. It is also another popular movie location due to it's appearance in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  

hmmm, muka kelaparan sebab excited sangat sampai tak breakfast betul-betul  
 There was also a live broadcast happening infront of the building, so we "accidentally" walked by it. And guess what yall's?! We were seen in a British local news channel!! (hahaha jokes kbye) We just wandered around King's Cross and stumbled upon this giant Christmas tree in a seven-metre ‘cube of ice’. It was a work of art by British artist Alex Chinneck. Not your typical way of "decorating" your Christmas tree, I must say.

We got on another bus and headed to Piccadilly Circus. This is once again a famous place that's related to Harry Potter. Daym, I must go on a Harry Potter marathon soon! A famous scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I was shot here in Piccadilly Circus. 

source: Youtube

One of the popular attraction in Piccadilly Circus is Ripley’s Believe It or Not and that is exactly where we went. Well, we didn't actually went inside because the entrance fee was quite expensive and we were not planning to spend too much. We just enjoyed the free attractions outside. Hiks.

Then, we kept walking around and got attracted by a huge sport store in Regent Street, We might had spent more than one hour in there but came out with a few items only. I didn't take any photos inside cos' I was too focused "shopping". So, here are some other random photos taken----

because.................... yeah. #TeamMalaysia
they have the cutest taxis ever!!
that's me just standing there cos I can, kehkehkeh
That's basically all we did before the day turned dark. We went to few of the famous Harry Potter locations in London, and it was a "sirius" fun experience. To be honest, I've not watched most of the Harry Potter series yet, but there's nothing "ron" with exploring those places, right? 😂 I must stop now.. I'm getting "riddikulus". Okay, bye.

I love this city so much, like.... "siriusly" ❤
sidenote; Next part will be about the meet ups with family and friends in London!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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  1. I'm so jelly~❤❤❤

    1. just my luck :) hehehe save money and go there one day!

  2. Coooooool! I wanna go to London and go on a Harry Potter adventure as well! A Potterhead here!!

    1. Hi Tammy! Yes, you should! I guarantee that you will have the time of your life! :)

  3. one of the reasons why i wanna travel to london because of the HARRY POTTER. XD

    1. you'll surely will have a great time there! I really did :)