Tok Nan.

11:38 pm

source: YouthSarawak
I was just sipping my cup of latte when suddenly countless Whatsapp messages came into my notification all at once. I opened one of them, still unaware with what happened.

"Oh, another death hoax." was my first reaction. And after realizing it wasn't-- how I really wished it was.

The Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr.) Haji Adenan Satem, our beloved Tok Nan.. has passed away.

Heartbroken with the news were the people who respected him.
The adults, the youths.. we knew how precious of a man he was.

His sudden passing has doubtlessly caused many dishearten hearts.
Social medias are continuously flooded with grieve and compassion.
Truly the most love I've ever seen displayed for someone on the net.
It simply denotes the huge impact it has on the people.
The impact it has on his beloved Sarawakians.

As he was laid to rest today, I felt like I've lost someone important in my life. 
Matter of fact, he truly was and still is a person with a lot of significance.
He was the one with the golden heart.
He brought tremendous change to the nation.
He showed us what true leadership is all about.
He fought hard for the people. 
He loved and cared for the people. 
Now he has left his legacy.
He left as an inspiration for all.

Only almost 3 short years as our Chief Minister,
But you have done so much.. so thank you, sir.

source: Youtube

I've seen him in a few occasions.
In town and even out of town.
He has words that you want to listen,
and jokes that you'll always remember.

Tok Nan,
Ohaaaaa, you youuu.
We will miss your words and actions.
We will remember you as the very best.

We still plead for your service,
But God said you've done enough.
So, rest in peace now sir.
God bless your beautiful soul.
1944-2017 😔



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