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Hey! What's good?

Honestly, the idea of going on a trip this far never even crossed my mind at all last year. But, guess what, I made it to London!! *pats self on shoulder*

It was a dream come true, really.

This post will be on the 'process' of turning this dream into reality and it's not going to be a long one (I think). I'm gonna share about the London trip in my next posts.

Okay, it's actually made possible by an online contest that I participated back in March 2016. It was a contest that I truly put lots of effort in and thank God it paid off! I dragged my family members into this too because it was a family-based photo contest. Pulling the fambam into it was worth it, I must say πŸ˜†

Made possible with this contest right here. Woohoo! | source: GSCinemas Twitter
I participated in this contest by Golden Screen Cinemas with Malaysia Airlines as the main sponsor. The grand prize offered was a trip for 4 to London, so of course I had too. Like, who in the right mind would say no to a sponsored trip, right? I can't find any valid reason to why I should not do my very best in it.

full determination mode - ON. | source: Head Over Feels
Just to describe the contest mechanism.. it required us to purchase 4 movie tickets to the movie 'The Kid From The Big Apple' and take photos with family members, with the movie tickets clearly shown. Next, post it up on our social media with a creative caption and include #NoDistanceTooFar #MalaysianAirlines.

Being the online contest junkie that I am, I spared no time and drove to GSC to purchase the tickets. Purchasing the movie tickets also means a movie session at night, so it came with an advantage for a movie geek (a.k.a me). I'd rate the movie as boleh tahan la. It had a lot of good elements in it and it is totally suitable for anyone of any age. It was funny at some parts, sentimental af at times. I'd rate it a 3.5/5. Read about the movie HERE.

Oh, the movie was related to New York but the prize offered was a trip to London. Why? I believe it is because Malaysia Airlines do not fly to New York. I'm just assuming. But, a trip to London is just as ahhhmazingg.

The "photo session" took place at home before we went out for the movie. I chose few of the photos taken then did some magic (edits) and taaadaaa..

not too bad for an editing noob like me, no? super grainy though, haha!
The luggage were my idea. See how much I wanted to win? I even made my family and friends to comment #SendJoelAndFamilyToLondon on my contest entry when it wasn't actually necessary, lolll. #TeamNoShame 😎 Gotta show how much I wanted it, yknow. When the contest period ended, I waited for the results anxiously. There were quite a number of entries sent by others who wanted it just as bad, but I kept a confident state of mind.

I checked GSC website everyday. Checked my entry everyday. Hoping and praying constantly.

And, so I was in Bintulu and I was having a seafood dinner at a restaurant with my family when..
Oh, I can still feel the giddy excitement I felt while stuffing my mouth with food. Told everyone at the table that I won and they were just as happy. Spammed Whatsapp group chats because the happiness was overwhelming.

Made official when it was announced on GSC website! | source: 
Overjoyed, I surely was.

Despite the fact that the prize only covers the base fare of flights, I was super grateful because without this win, London would not be reachable for me. The base fare was already very expensive (3K minimum per pax) and to know that I've won a contest that covers the base fare, I was on cloud nine. The amount that we had to pay was small if it is to be compared to the value of the win.

"London, here I come!" was no longer just a dream. 

The flight booking process took quite some time due to high demands in December, but fast forward nine months later.. everything was ready and our bags were packed for London!

No doubt that this win was one of the biggest highlight in my online contests journey so far. It is one of the moment in life that makes me feel like all my effort in online contests was truly worth it. Some see it as a waste of time because they don't trust it. BUT, LOOK AT ME NOW! (Okay, I sound so cocky, sorry.)

This is truly the main reason why I do what I do, why I love what I'm doing. It makes the impossible.. possible.

"Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true."  Unknown 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Golden Screen Cinemas and Malaysia Airlines for making this #JoelLeslieTravels series possible. And, thank you to the Sponsorship and Social Media Team of Malaysia Airlines Berhad that I liaised with to get the flight tickets.
I am seriously grateful to everyone who made it possible! | source:
Annd, I may had been one troublesome man throughout the bookings, so I'm sorry for any inconvenience πŸ˜… Thanks for tolerating with my nonsense!

I'm gonna stop here. I'll update on the real deal soon! (maybe next year, lol).

To end this post and since this may be my last post for 2K16, I'm taking this chance to wish everyone who reads this, a..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2K17

sidenote; I'm going on another trip for Christmas til the 30th. Yay!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwww ^^ super WOW ! LONDON for free, fantastic !
    dear you, Merry Christmas (not too late) & happy new year.

    1. not completely free, but still way cheaper than a self-planned trip, hahah! thank youuuuuuuu and happy new year to you too! ^_^