Meeting Fifth Harmony LIVE in Concert!

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I'm back to my blog after monthsss! Gawd, student life is sucking up all my time and energy. I was feeling kinda lightheaded while trying to complete a tough assignment, when suddenly my blog came into mind. God knows how much I missed typing my heart out here, so here I am, pushing my assignments aside for a short while. I still got s*** tons of work to be done, so I'll try to keep this one short! 'Try', is the keyword there cos I usually find myself too immersed into an entry sometimes, then I would neglect the amount of time I take. So, let the story begins.

So, yes, I was privileged to have met the talented girls of the American girl group, FIFTH HARMONY! Fyi, they came to Malaysia way back in early April. You get how lazy and busy (mostly lazy) I've been to have taken months to finally blog about this? But, I just wanted to blog this cos it was truly a great experience, and I would wanna come back to this post in the future to have my personal "awww, I've met Fifth Harmony" moment, hahaha

So, they had a concert in Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach on 7th April as part of their The 7/27 Tour. What made it possible for me to have been a part of the crowd of the concert? It was all thanks to HitzSarawak ( that held an Instagram video contest! As soon as I saw the contest announcement on Instagram, I quickly contacted my friends so that we could work on the videos! Typical me, being super excited for contest. We made a one minute video, using Fifth Harmony's song: The Life. I love that song! Making the video was a fun process that includes funny "dance" movements and in-synchronized lip syncs, hahaha! You can check it out on my Instagram account.

There were other good entries for the contest, but fortunately.. I WON! I got an Instadirect message from hitzfmSarawak and also phone calls from the announcer. My brother heard me on the radio but I didn't because I was in a middle of a lecture that time, loolll. I was super duper excited and grateful to have won the contest because knowing that I've won a full expense trip for 2 to Kuala Lumpur to watch them LIVE.. is an incredible feeling 🎔

The concert actually falls on the day that I was supposed to have my final presentation, but thankfully, my lecturer agreed to have our presentation earlier. 

presentation squad!!!

Presentation done, got my boarding passes printed, clothes packed.. and we were ready to go! I went to Kuala Lumpur with two of my friends, Barry and Aliza (first & forth from left in the above picture). Were we excited? Nope. We were exciteddddddddddddd. (ok lame joke, nextt!)

We went to Kuala Lumpur on the morning of 7th April and I was scheduled to meet one of hitzSarawak's announcer, Zachary at the airport. We met him there and went to the hotel where we were staying. Checked in, and we got concert ready!

We went to the venue via Uber from Cititel Midvalley and KL traffic was as per usual.. awful. But we did arrived the venue safely. We met Zachary there and also the announcers and winners from hitzSabah! & I happen to know the winners from hitzSabah from past events! Small world, really!

concert OOTN 😎
 It took quite a long time for the gate to finally be opened. While at it, I met my best friend, Neville, who was going to the concert as well! Yay! Also, I was again on the phone with Kiyoshi, took videos and pictures for HitzSarawak, etc. After about an hour and a half, the gate was opened and people swarm into Sunway Lagoon. Exciting!
Now, here enjoy a "vlog" I made!

Tell me baby I'm worth ittt!!~ I think we all can agree that the girl slaaaayed the stage so hard! It was an incredible experience indeed! 😍😁

The 3 of us, featuring the winners from hitzSabah, Andrea and Melanie! 😆
post concert: drained affff.
We also met few famous faces during the concert, so that's a plus. We went back to Barry's room in Sunway Pyramid Hotel and went out for supper. After supper, we decided to just crash in Barry's room for the night cos we were too tired to go back to Cititel Midvalley.

I woke up the next morning in the same clothing. N@$tyyy, I know. But, I left my luggage in my hotel room in Cititel Midvalley! Haha.
we woke up like thiss~
    So, the concert's done and it was time for a weekend in Kuala Lumpur! Our short weekend in Kuala Lumpur includes meeting friends, food trips and lotsss of shopping.

dinner in Lot 10 Hutong Food Court! YUM!
Deliciousss and affordable Korean food in Dubuyo, Berjaya Times Square!
look at all those shopping bags! (most of them aren't mine tbh hahaha)
Actually there are tons more pictures I would love to share but I think this post's long enough. So, I would like to once again say thank you so much to hitzSarawak for this amazinggggg trip! It was a great way to run away from all the stress we were coping with in uni for a short while. Hands down, best trip I've had so far! Here's to winning more concert trips in the future!

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sidenote; Another entry about a trip coming up. Woohoo!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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