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So, I'm back with another part of my travel stories in London, UK. This part made the trip even more special than it already was: meet ups with family and friends in London 😊 
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After exploring some of the popular Harry Potter locations in London on the second day, it started to get dark and my stomach was already grumbling. We made our way to Charing Cross Station (if I'm not mistaken) and went to Burger King. I ordered the Bacon Double Cheeseburger cos bacon is love, bacon is life. Bacon got me like: YAAAASSSSS.

We also ordered sides like fries, onion rings and cheese balls because over-ordering always happen when the hunger is real. "Order first, regret later" is the way to go yalls. After we were done eating, it was time for a meet up!

We went out from the station to wait for my brother's friends who came from Scotland. Few minutes later, they arrived. We then walked to Pizza Express in 450 Strand. They made reservations for dinner but there was still no table available at that moment, so we had to wait for a while.

I saw a famous London landmark outside so I made good use of the spare time by taking pictures. Guess what was the landmark....

THE RED TELEPHONE BOOTH! (too bad it's smelly and dirty inside, hahahahaha)
Moments later, we finally got a table at the corner. We just ate and we were still too full to devour more food, so we only ordered hot drinks. I had a cup of hot chocolate (I am not a coffee person).

they have the cutest tissue ever but not the best hot chocolate, tskkk
Stories were shared, pictures were taken. It was a great scene to watch- where friends were reunited at a place so far from home. After we were done there, we proceed to Chinatown and Covent Garden. Chinatown was filled with Chinese restaurants, while Covent Garden had really wonderful Christmas decorations.

Blurry pictures ftw, hahaha.
We bid our goodbyes, but we met up again the next day before they leave for Scotland.

My #LondonSquad2K16 and I then went to Hyde Park. Winter Wonderland was happening there and I was really excited! We had to walk quite a long distance to reach the location but it was all worth it. There was a long queue as there was a security check before we can enter. 

We spent our time just walking around inside. There were a lot of fun games and crazy rides. A Christmas market, circus and ice rink were also available! Just being there was already super thrilling with people shouting while they're on the rides, trying games and winning prizes, having fellowships, etc. I doubtlessly felt lucky to be able to experience Winter Wonderland in London. But, once again.. we didn't take a lot of photos here, haiihh. We were probably too tired to do so. We went back and that was the end of our second day in London. Great day indeed.

        On the next day (our third day in London), we had another meet up and this time was with FAMILY! 💓 My cousin and her family came all the way from Bradford via the train service. We met up in Covent Garden and it was a very heartwarming moment. We walked to the place where we were going to have dinner that night which was at The Real Greek, St. Martin's Lane.

That was my first time ever having Greek cuisines and it was indeed an interesting dining experience. It was gooooooood tapi rasanya tak dapat nak celen makanan Malaysia la. #SapotLokal. Hahaha. Thank you Winstan for sponsoring us dinner that night! 😄

After a long night of conversations, we bid our goodbyes. Enjoyed the Christmas lights while we were on our way back home. We had a long day that day (stay tune to the next part to know why) and we were extremely tired. We were going to meet up with them again the next day before they head back to their hometown. 

Christmas lights along streets like Regent Street & Marylebone were beautiful! Truly blessed to be able to see them. 
All in all, we had two very meaningful nights spent with family and friends in London. Thank you for coming all the way from your hometown to meet us up in London. Much love for y'all 💕

sidenote; We used our London Pass cards (that we bought at the airport) on our forth and fifth day in London, so do stay tune to Part 5 to know all the amazing places that we went to!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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  1. I've read all the 4 parts and I'm excited for the next part! BE QUICK PLSS! Hahaha! Loving your stories so far :)

    1. Hi Naz. Thanks for reading my blog! It's truly heartwarming to know people actually are anticipating my entries. Thank you for your support and stay tune for part 5!!

  2. Lovely blog Joe. Do keep blogging :)