11:09 pm

Hey! What's good?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

I’m kind of second guessing myself right now, but here goes nothing.

So, I’m baaaack. Yay. Not that anyone actually cares. *sobs

To (re)start this blog, I would like to give an insight of what’s happening in life right now. So, currently I am a first year degree student who is on a summer holiday. First semester done and the next semester only starts next year.

I survived my first semester and I can say that I am pretty proud of my accomplishments so far. 

 Ceh. Baru first sem, bro.

I am currently taking Bachelor in Science – Applied Geology in Curtin University. Not the one in Australia, but here in my very own hometown.. Miri, Sarawak! Just to put it out there.. I am aided by a scholarship which I am certainly grateful with. If anyone is interested in knowing about the scholarship, feel free to contact me! Or don't if you're not interested. Hah.

guurl, you are a 10 on a richer scale cos you rock my world. ok no.
I hope to blog more now. But hope is just a four letter word with no effort. It was actually due to laziness that made me stopped typing up sh*t* stuffs on my blog. It was one of my biggest passion few years back- an avid blogger I really was. I’ve even set targets for myself and actually wanted a reputation in blogging (much wow, such dream). So, here I am trying once again. 

 I deleted all my previous posts because I wanted to start fresh. Gotta put the past behind, yknow.

Upcoming blog posts will focus on the interesting things in life, which include my winnings off the net and maybe some travel updates. To wrap up this first post, I once again hope that I can bring the dead blogger spirit in me back to life. Wish me luck!

sidenote; i'll update on my #LONDON2K16 trip soon!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! šŸ˜Ž

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