It's A Student's Wish Worth Granting, ShopBack!

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Hey! What's good?

It's week 3 of the semester and I can say that I'm doing well.. I guess? I just had an exam today and phew, I'm so glad to be done with that. Time really does fly and oh no, it's the last day of the Win A Wish! Blog and Win with ShopBack! contest. Been wanting to participate in this since last week but I had to put education first, y'know. Uni life is craazzy tiring but I'm having a blast along the way, so I'm not exactly complaining, hihi.

I had this contest link in my browser bookmark since last week. I finally had to chance to look back at it today and oh my, I just realized that I only have a few hours left to participate!! LESS. THAN. 3. HOURS. LEFT. Now that I just completed my assignments.. so like the saying goes "Better Late Than Never".........

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But before that, I would love to wish ShopBack...


I know I'm almost a month late, but I personally think it's fine to make everyday feels like it's our birthday! And I won't mind having birthday cakes everyday, wiihii. To appreciate ShopBack, here's a love letter(?) I made...

Dearest ShopBack................................................

😱 is the face I made as I go through the net to search for items that would be perfection,
💔 resembles my heart at times when I compare item prices and my financial limitation,
😭 is all I wanted to do as as saving money seems impossible which is an unfortunate realization,
👮 are the people I hope my neighbors didn’t called cos' I may had screamed due to frustration!!!
😊 is on my face when I discovered Shopback that made me jumped with high exhilaration,
🔥 filled up my spirit as with Shopback, saving so much can not only be in my imagination,
😎 is like my face while go through great selections while saving which is an awesome solution!!
💵 is saved with this effective website filled with many amazing cash back deals and promotions,
💯 out of 💯 to Shopback helps people to save a lot, not only in Malaysia but also few other nations,
 is all I got to offer for ShopBack for their outstanding  and many great merchants selections,
😃 is constantly on my face because fulfilling our desires and still save money is no longer just fiction! 

Thank you for being the #1 Online Cashback site in Malaysia that I undeniably love, support and thankful for. Wishing you guys behind this wonderful site continuous joy and success!

💓, Joel.

With so many merchants to choose from, you can shop all you want online and save a lot with ShopBack! Being a student, I find it crucial to save as much as I can, but I believe that you gotta treat yourself sometimes, so I try to always purchase what I desire. So, having ShopBack that generously gives me cashback for my online purchases, I can ensure that I'm saving in the best way possible! With their over 500 awesome partnering merchants including ZALORA, Lazada and Uber, it's not hard to find what I want, and at the same time, I am still able to save! 

Shopback is also available in 5 other countries: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Taiwan. So, even my international friends from those countries should not miss out their chance to get amazing cash backs every time you shop online! Come, shop and get cashback with me!!

So, for those who doesn't know how do you use ShopBack, come watch this video to find out!

you may also refer to this link right here: How It Works

(I hope the cashback fairy grants my wishes)

 I'll share 3 of my most desired items which somehow relates back to my university life. And, along the way, I'll share on how much cashback I get by using ShopBack!


Time management is important to ensure that I get the best out of everyday and a watch on my wrist is a must. Reason why I'm wishing on a watch is because my beloved watch has finally taken it's final tick 😢 and now had been carefully placed back into it's case. So, I need a new awesome one to help me keep track of time and become my sidekick as I embark a journey to become the best time manager there ever was. I've been wanting a Daniel Wellington for so long because it showcases elegance in simplicity with it's powerful build. It will surely be a trustworthy companion that will stay with me for many years. This particular Classic Black Cornwall has truly captured my heart and my wrist craves for this piece of perfection to be wrapped around it. 

Gahhhh, it's such a beautiful piece out of the many others from one of ShopBack's partnering merchant, How much cashback is given upon purchase?

Price: RM699
Max % of cashback: 4
-------Possible cashback obtained: RM27.96! 

Amazing, right?

In the midst of my busy university schedule, I also recently started a weight lost journey. I wanna live a healthier life especially by eating better and exercising more frequently. All I need is constant motivation and dedication. One way for ShopBack to help out? Grant this next wish, cashback fairy!


Nike and their high-quality shoes. I've been a great fan of Nike for so long, but believe me or not, I've not found the perfect pair of training shoes for myself for so many years. I'm still using my old shoes whenever I go for a session, and it barely fits now. I need to get myself a new one and this Nike Metcon 3 is doubtlessly the one that I want. A bit pricey, but when it's of the best quality with comfort-guaranteed, it's worth it #NOREGRETS. And it's such a beautiful pair that would make me even more motivated in reaching for my goals in term of weight lost!  

Price: RM519
Max % of cashback: 10
-------Possible cashback obtained: RM51.90! 


I can say that has almost everything, and some wonderful geology items are not excluded! I am currently a degree student in Applied Geology and I love what I'm doing. Studying lithography, crystals and anything related to the earth as a whole brings me so much satisfaction. I am super grateful that Lazada has several items that I am sooooo eager to have my hands on!

These two are just the few that made me smiled as I find the many other geology-related items on Lazada. Call me a nerd, but this is what makes me happy. I want these! Grant this wish, that would totally.. "rock"! #geologypun 😅

Price: RM146+RM120=RM266
Max % of cash back: 11
-------Possible cashback obtained: RM29.26! 

You see how much you can save with ShopBack? It's super impressive!

I'll stop here. It's getting late and it's almost 12a.m. I can go on and on, but time is not something I have much of now. Nonetheless, these are my most wanted items at the moment as it truly relates to my lifestyle. So, above all, I am grateful for this chance and I had fun sharing my wishlist to ShopBack and my readers. Thank you for this contest, ShopBack! I'd given it my best shot with the time I have left :) Goodluck to me, hihi!

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sidenote; Time to sleep, gotta be fresh for class tomorrow!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 😎

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